Our motto defines what we love and why. The phrase, “In Fumo Pax”, is Latin for “in smoke, there is peace.” The actor, Ron Perlman, summed it up perfectly: “Some people meditate, I smoke cigars.” 99 Cigars began life as a part-time, personal blog that flourished and over a short period, grew into a full-time focus on out-of-the-box cigar enlightenment and the 4 C’s: cigars, community, culture and camaraderie.


We’re the “new kid” on the block when it comes to reviews and other cigar-related lifestyle pursuits, but we like to think that we bring something fresh, unique and maybe a little disruptive to enlighten cigar lovers everywhere. While we’re still in our infancy, comparatively speaking, our plans include new content categories, give-a-ways and contests, more focus on the cigar community on social media and an online one-stop-shop specializing in unique cigar centric gifts, apparel and accessories.



Jay Lawrence – Publisher, Editor-in-Chief


I’ve been smoking cigars for over 20 years and I founded and launched 99 Cigars in the Fall of 2017. I am a molecular virologist by training, a business development pro by trade and a wandering cigar lover by choice. I choose to showcase the cigars we review in natural light and backgrounds, eschewing the dark, mysterious themes that often minimize the artisanal beauty of cigars. With an active family, a chaotic business schedule and a seemingly endless list of interests, cigars are one of the few elements in life that allow me to truly decompress.







For more information on our reviews and basically why we do what we do, check out our FAQ page.


In Fumo Pax!


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