Our tag line defines what we love and why. The phrase “In Fumo Pax” is Latin for “in smoke, there is peace.” The actor, Ron Perlman, summed it up perfectly: “Some people meditate, I smoke cigars.” Bam. For those who have discovered the ‘it’ factor in smoking cigars, you certainly understand. For those who have not, hopefully you will. Smoking cigars is not just an activity or instrument of celebration. Its certainly not for providing an infusion of nicotine. Well, maybe in some cases. Its a way to relax, a lifestyle and culture. We all enjoy hobbies that afford us some means to decompress, but smoking a good cigar can not only relax, but also reconnect, restore and bring a measure of peace.

The name, “99 Cigars”, is a nod to the popular cigar journals, “33 Cigars”, available to cigar mavens for documenting and rating their cigar experiences. I used them regularly and when I got to the end of my third journal (doing the math = 99), I realized that my passion was endless and could not be quantified. So, I stopped counting. Ok, ok – I also like the number ‘9.’ The 99 Cigars blog began as an extension of my journals. It was also created to share information about cigars, accessories, best places to smoke, events, news, etc. I didn’t want 99 Cigars to be just another review or news site. Thus my reviews do not have ratings. Ratings are a nice guide, but there are many that never get the coverage and should. While I grade the cigar thoroughly, I find it more practical to highlight the cigar’s best qualities and whether or not I recommend it. I buy all my cigars. i.e. I do not accept “complementary” cigars from manufacturers, retailers, or industry folks. The next phases of 99 Cigars include an online store, collaborations with cigar makers and learning (and sharing) more about the business that few really see. 99 Cigars is a lifestyle, belief and passion surrounding great cigars, the camaraderie it creates and the rich culture it continues to imbue.


I do not claim to be a cigar aficionado, just a passionate BOTL and writer who is passionate about cigars, the cigar community, the culture and the camaraderie. My reviews offer a little history, feature a personal narrative and a mostly objective opinion. Cigars, like many things, are incredibly subjective so what I may taste, see and like, others may not and vice versa. Therfore it’s pointless to “rate” cigars. These are NOT blind tests. The selection of cigars is random and is driven by outside suggestions, selections from my “to smoke” list and what I think others would like to see.  I do not use a complex matrix of scores to evaluate a cigar nor do I rate cigars by a number.  In the end, I simply evaluate or grade a cigar on 10 key elements: overall construction quality, feel, aesthetics, cold aromas, draw, burn, flavor palette, smoothness, user-friendliness (eg level of intervention required once lit) and value. I’ll give you the good, bad and ugly and I’ll either recommend it or I wont. I do not fault a cigar for shortcomings in my handling.

Jay Lawrence


I’m a scientist by training, a car and motorcycle guy, an occasional musician and currently do business development in applied markets for a large global biotech firm. I live in south Texas where I’m lucky to be married to my soul mate and have 4 awesome young uns. When I was growing up I wanted to be a rock star…yeah, that didn’t pan out, but aside from my love of music and guitars, I have a ton of hobbies and passions (including a sick watch fetish). I Thank God every day that I have great friends, family and dogs and I thank my veteran and operator friends that I can enjoy them and my passions freely. In Fumo Pax!


Hashtags #99Cigars | #InFumoPax


Hashtags #99Cigars | #InFumoPax



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