La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Dress Gets Refresh

Ashton Cigars recently announced that its flagship La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor line is getting an update. Considering its one of the many Cuban brands to make it off the island – beginning life in the late 1800s – and serving as one of Sir Winston Churchill’s early favorites, this venerable brand deserved a bit of a makeover. LAdC was reborn in Nicaragua in the early 2000s under the watchful eye of Cuban Master, Pepin Garcia. Owners of the LAdC brand, Ashton Cigars, originally chose to keep the colorful, old world branding to help differentiate the marque and honor it’s Cuban roots. All LAdC cigar lines are blended by the Garcia family, Pepin and his son Jaime, and produced at the My Father Cigars factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Among the brand’s 5 lines, the jewel in the LAdC crown is the Mi Amor. Released a little over ten years ago, the line quickly gathered community and critical acclaim with ratings from Cigar Aficionado that floated consistently between 90 and 95. Mi Amor was rated Cigar Aficionado’s #2 Cigar of 2012 and most recently in 2019, made the good life mag’s Top 25 Cigars list with a rating of 93. The Mi Amor is shod in a lush Mexican San Andrés wrapper cradling Nicaraguan binder and longfiller leaves from the fields of My Father Cigars.

We reviewed the Mi Amor Valentino back in 2020, and if you read our assessment, you can tell we’re big fans of this hunk-o-burnin’ luv.

Mi Amor leverages her charms immediately by providing a rich, bread crust draw followed by delectable intonations of vanilla, toasted almonds, cake batter and cocoa. Our gordo finishes with long notes of wood and oats as the lush, toasty foundation matures. The creamy texture complements more confectionary intonations of funnel cake but is balanced by a light spice and wood elements. Transitions are distinct and equally satisfying, combining woody and chocolatey cores with intonations of nuts, espresso, oak and charred wood that culminate in a full-bodied, savory, smoky ending. Qué bella!

– Jay Lawrence review of LAdC Mi Amor Valentino 11/19/2020

Ashton’s press release states, “The new-look Mi Amor features stunning cigar bands and fresh box designs highlighted by a vibrant blue. Keep in mind, this is a packaging update only. The blend, sizes, and box counts remain exactly the same. A shimmering San Andrés wrapper embraces a vintage blend of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers aged to perfection in six popular sizes.”

Available Vitolas

  • Robusto 5″ x 50
  • Duque 5.25″ x 56
  • Belicoso 5.5″ x 54
  • Magnifico 6″ x 52
  • Valentino 6″ x 60
  • Churchill 7″ x 50

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