Casdagli Cigars to Launch Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos At TPE 2022

[January 10, 2022 / Tallinn, Estonia] Peruvita and Nicarita are the first in a unique Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos line of cigars representing the single tobaccos found in Villa Casdagli Toro vitola, a Casdagli’s cigar line launched earlier in 2021. Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos are a sandwich filler type of cigars containing a mixture of long and short leaf of just one type of tobacco.

The original idea of Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos was born during a tasting in the UAE to introduce the Villa Casdagli
Line when 6 petit exquisitos were created to represent each of the tobaccos found in the Villa Casdagli Toro. Led by
the participants’ very positive impression of the varying characteristics of the different tobaccos, the decision was
finally made to create this unique line after Luke Dobbs, the creator of Casdagli’s cigar lounge in Tallinn, urged us to
try out these smokes in the lounge. Immediately these became a big success.

Villa Casdagli Nicarita

“I wanted to create these petit exquisitos to allow our botl and sotl to truly experience and understand the individual tobaccos that form the blend of our Villa Casdagli Line cigars. We truly want our clients to comprehend our cigar blends.”

– Jeremy Casdagli, Founder/Owner Casdagli Cigars
Villa Casdagli Peruvita

As the name suggests Peruvita represents a Peruvian filler of just one tobacco – Peruvian Habano Seco that has been
enhanced and enriched by the factory’s special “mejorado” or “improvement”process. Nicarita represents Nicaraguan
Esteli Ligero as filler. The petit exquisitos share the same Ecuadorian binder and wrapper leaf with Villa Casdagli Toro, to ensure the sufficient combustibility of the vitolas.

Both cigars come in 25 and 5 count celloed bundles. The MSRP will be $5 in the US Market release: In the US we will launch these at TPE in the end of January, ready for shipping to retailers in March. The petit exquisitos were officially launched for international markets in January, 2022. There was a limited release in Norway, Belgium and Estonia in December 2021. Made in Costa Rica by the Tabacos de Costa Rica under the supervision of Master Blender Don Olman Guzman.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to:
Jeremy Casdagli
Founder & Co-owner of Casdagli Cigars

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