. . . and we’re back!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Please forgive our unannounced, 5-month plus hiatus. Gosh, it’s hard to believe that our last activity was in mid-July. The simple truth is we never really left, we’ve just been working in the shadows by candlelight anguishing over what we think should be the next chapter of 99 Cigars. Well, enough is enough, 2022 is here and it’s time to get back on the horse, right? And what a time to dive back in; the cigar cosmos is bursting with new products from new artisanal boutiques, next-level events, legislative and tax issues to tackle and a diverse cigar community hungry for, well…more. Of everything!

So, the big question you’re probably asking yourself is, ‘ok, so whats new?’ We’re so glad you asked!

For starters, we’re just happy to be back to tackle all the news, social media buzz, events, trade shows, and general hijinkery one can often find within our communities. I’ll cut to the chase and simply say cigar reviews are still on hold thanks to my “COVID nose” syndrome. While the good news is that some of my olfactory senses are firing again, I’m not 100% and more importantly, still not able to pick up many of the subtleties a good cigar offers. I’m hopeful I’ll find my “sea legs” in 2022 to get cigar reviews front and center again, but until then look for reviews of accessories, cigar stores and many other industry aspects. Below are just just some of the projects we’re rolling out for the new year.

Site Refresh

We started this hootenany back in late 2017 and the site has gone through a few iterations, but keep a look out for some minor formating and organizational updates. We’ll be introducing archive links, a social media feed and a new header just to name a few. We’re also hopeful to freshen up our advertiser and partner pools to bring you the latest, most relevant content. Our branding will remain the same, but we’ll be introducing some related treatment themes this year.

Social Media Blitz

Yeah, this has been arguably the biggest hole in our digital presence since bringing 99 Cigars to life and while we do have a presence on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, well, lets just say we need to freshen that up a bit too. That’s just the beginning as we also plan on:

  • Recurring give-a-ways and Trivia games
  • Social Media site page
  • Front page Instagram feed and post of the day
  • Fresh, recurring 99 Cigars Youtube channel content

Interviews & Recurring Visits

You know ’em, you love ’em (or not) or maybe they’re some member of the cigar universe you’d just like to more about. Well, we’re right there with you. Whether a grower, manufacturer, seller, bon vivant or medial darling, we’ll do our best to round some of these folks up and find something about cigars (and other stuff) to talk about. We’re also going to connect with social media and industry influencers for a recurring rap session on whatever topics happen to come up. We’ll feature these on our site, on social media and our Youtube channel.

99 Cigars Store

I know what you’re thinking – ‘yeah right, you’ve been advertising the whole “store coming soon” shtick for the better part of two years.’ Ok, you’re right. Well, we’ve been waiting for the right time…wait. I really don’t know why we’ve been waiting or what we’ve been waiting for. We’re going to start small and begin with our 99 Cigars-branded products and hopefully, grow from there. No hyperbole this time. It’s on.

A Nod to Whiskey

We all know whisky/ey is a consummate pairing partner with our beloved cigars and if it was a global phenomenon prior to COVID, thanks to the pandemic, whisky/ey has gone stratospheric. So, we plan on highlighting (not reviewing) drams and pours to pair with your next herf. We’re also going to coerce some folks from the industry, social media and those who are otherwise ne’erdowells to join us for live chats and interviews to enlighten and amaze us with their acumen on the nectar we love.

More Event & Trade Show Coverage

Man, there a lot going on so you can expect the various trade shows will be busting at the seams with new products and some new faces. In addition, we’re hopeful to cover some of the more popular national events, like Cigar Aficionado’s “Big Smoke” or Cigar International’s “CigarFest” and we’ll be kicking off the year with Smoke Inn’s “The Great Smoke” in February.

Cone of Silence Stuff

Hey, we can’t give everything away…at least not yet. But what I will say is that we have a number of other projects in the works including something we’re particularly excited about; working with a number of cigar manufactures on something, um…”unique.”

So, that should be enough for now as we work to, you know, actually make this stuff happen. We get the heavy lifting and you can reap the benefits. Thanks again for being a part of our family and our success. Happy New Year! – In Fumo Pax!

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