Sneak Peek: El Septimo Unveils Pre-PCA Sacred Arts Collection

[Press Release] El Septimo Geneva, one of the leading premium cigar brands in the market, announced that it will be releasing seven new cigar lines and a full line of limited-edition accessories at the Premium Cigar Association’s (PCA) Annual Trade Show.

Aside from showcasing over 35 different blends of cigars, ranging in flavors and sizes, the company will also showcase its full line of premium cigar accessories from precious stone humidors, to 18K gold lighters, and authentic crocodile & ostrich traveler’s cases. The main feature of the show will be El Septimo’s launch of seven new cigar lines called the “Sacred Arts Collection.”

El Septimo wanted to honor the spirits that created tobacco, which is where it derived the meaning behind the “Sacred Arts Collection.” Tobacco has been historically used by American Indian nations for centuries for medicinal purposes, with both cultural and spiritual importance. Tobacco is considered the most sacred by Aboriginal people, as it is even believed to connect people with the spiritual world as the ultimate offering to the Creator. This is why El Septimo decided to create the “Sacred Arts Collection.”

El Seption Sacred Arts Collction / Used by permission

Seven new cigars have been introduced to represent the seven days of creation. Now the world can smoke an El Septimo Cigar designed and dedicated to each day of the week. Each cigar line is dedicated to a famous painter who has created some of the world’s most famous pieces of artwork. The following describes each cigar designed for the seven days of the week, and will be introduced as the “Sacred Arts Collection:”


Each cigar is sold [in] Boxes of 20, with the addition of a sampler box that includes 2 samples of each of the seven sizes, totaling to a Box of 14 cigars.

Leonardo da Vinci – a 7.5″x40 Lancero (El Septimo’s first Lancero) dedicated to da Vinci’s work, “The Last Supper.” Represents the First day of Creation when God created light.

Michaelangelo – a 5.5″x50 “Eagle” (El Septimo’s first) dedicated to Michaelangelo’s work, “The Creation of Adam.” Represents the Second Day of Creation when God created the sky.

Botticelli – a 7.5″x58 Salomon (El Septimo’s first) dedicated to Botticelli’s work, “The Announcement.” Represents the Third Day of Creation when God created the earth, sea and plants.

Raphael – a 6″x50 Robusto, dedicated to his famous artwork “Sistine Madonna.” Represents the Fourth Day of Creation when God created the sun, moon and stars.

Salvador Dalia 6”x54 toro dedicated to his work “Christ of Saint John of the Cross.” Represents the Fifth Day of Creation when God created the creatures of the sea and birds.

Rembrandta 7”x54 Torpedo, dedicated to his famous artwork “The Return of the Prodigal Son.” Represents the
Sixth Day of Creation when God created life – human and land animals.

Van Gogh a 9”x56 Royal Salomon (El Septimo’s first), dedicated to his famous artwork “Pieta.” Represents the Seventh Day of Creation when God rested.

Masaccio – A Sampler Box containing two cigars of each of the seven new blends, named after Masaccio and dedicated to his famous artwork “Saint Andrew.”

We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities of continuous innovation and lead the industry with our
comprehensive line of new cigars and accessories. El Septimo has had such huge success since we introduced it to the US market shortly over a year ago, proving to be a brand that has and will continue to bring depth to this growing industry. That, I believe, is a result of our excellent cigars and products. We would like to continue on this tradition.
We are eager to show the industry that aside from El Septimo’s premium & rare blends, we will continuously innovate new experiences for everybody to enjoy. El Septimo is so much more than just a product. It is a brand that represents the luxury of the cigar lifestyle.”

Zaya Younan, Chairman & CEO Younan Company
Sacred Arts Collection “Rembrandt” / Used by permission.

El Septimo will be in Booth #119, and has hired MPA Creative Studio to design its booth, which is the oldest design firm in all of Paris. – In Fumo Pax!

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