Cigar Smoking World Championship Has New Look & Structure

[Press Release] The Cigar Smoking World Championship has a new look with the launch of the website – Aside from the new website, there have been some major changes to the organizational structure of The Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC).

Cigar Smoking World Championship New Website

With the launch of the new website and the restructuring, the Cigar Smoking World Championship entered a new era, and I believe a new level – with the changes we became a truly international organization. That was achieved with two major steps; establishing of the CSWC International Judge Association and the launching of the new CSWC NEWS PORTAL

CSWC International Judge Association has recruited more than 60 amazing cigar individuals, spanning different aspects of the entire industry, from a total of 36 countries. Each judge has passed a special training and education process in order to become an official and licensed CSWC cigar judge. This truly raises CSWC to another level – in my opinion, the right step towards making it a truly serious global organization, capable of answering the growing demand due to global rach and magnitude of CSWC, including challenges like the travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

The portal is envisioned as a go to resource for the championship, being constantly updated with new qualifier events and tracking the global development of the CSWC. The media attention garnered by the events from publications like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are proof of the influence we as cigar aficionados can command when we band together.” – Marko Bilic, CSWC founder/

CSWC NEWS PORTAL – CSWCNEWS.COM is another huge step forward. It is the first cigar sports news site, where global slow smokers, fans and all cigar lovers can track the excitement of the CSWC competition. For many global cigar smokers slow smoking competition is still something new and this new CSWC news portal will bring the spirit of the Cigar Smoking World Championship competition to them.

With a sports driven design, is imagined as a resource providing daily and weekly news, bringing you all the excitement and updated results from the qualification season, interviews with competitors, judges, exclusive insights from famous cigar individuals on how the season is developing, some predictions and comments, and will bring insider information from behind the scene among competitors. It will also include a web shop for official CSWC merchandise, as well as competitors statistics and all relevant information.

Global partners of the CSWS are Rocky Patel (official competition cigar), Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss watches (official timekeeper), Boveda (official cigar humidification system), Les Fines Lames (official cutter) and others. Stay tuned for the first qualifying events over the next few weeks. – In Fumo Pax!

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