JdN Celebrates Nicaraguan Independence Bicentennial with Dos Cientos

[PRESS RELEASE]: This year marks the bicentennial of Central America’s independence from the Spanish empire. After years of fighting, the region gained its independence and right to self-government, leading to the creation of five separate nations, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and, of course, Nicaragua. Joya de Nicaragua, Nicaragua’s first premium cigar manufacturer and one of the region’s most iconic names, will celebrate this monumental occasion with the one-time release of Dos Cientos. The super-premium and limited-edition cigar embodies the history of the region, showcasing tobaccos from several of the Central American countries that gained their liberty 200 years ago.

“For us there is always a link between the past and the present,” says Juan Ignacio Martinez, the President of Joya de Nicaragua. “We are who we are today because of the decisions that were made hundreds of years ago. Dos Cientos pays tribute to those 200 years and who we are today as the leading cigar producing country and region in the world.”

Dos Cientos will be exclusively available to Drew Diplomat Program participants beginning in late August, and it will be part of Joya de Nicaragua’s Obras Maestras family, which includes Cuatro Cinco, Cinco Decadas and Numero Uno. Dos Cientos (6 x 54, Gran Toro) will be a medium-bodied blend that’s smooth, yet complex. It will be available in 21-count boxes, with one cigar that’s individually wrapped in special paper that is intended to be enjoyed during a virtual celebration of Central American Independence on Sept. 15.

Joya de Nicaragua invites everyone to attend the virtual celebration on Central American Independence Day to commemorate the last 200 years of Central American history and enjoy Dos Cientos together. “Tobacco was ever present as we created our own economic, political and cultural identities. That was the moment in which we became what we are today as a region. We want to celebrate that achievement of our own birth as a country and as a region, paying tribute to the Latin Americans and to all who have achieved independence to craft their own destiny,” says the owner of Joya de Nicaragua, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca. – In Fumo Pax!

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