Dissim’s Inverted Lighter Collection

Editor’s Note: This is not a review

Just when we think we’ve achieved cigar EDC perfection, something comes along and disrupts the calm. Boveda packs and the V-cutter come to mind. Progress. Or maybe it’s just evolution. Let’s face it, it’s getting harder and harder to reinvent the wheel, especially when we’re discussing everyday cigar accessories and gear. Now, I’m not sure you have something special if you turn that wheel upside down, but the folks over at Dissim are taking a shot at it.

Dissim Soft Flame – Blue

It would appear that the impetus for the idea of an inverted lighter stemmed from one of the designers constantly burning his knuckles when lighting a candle. I know I’ve lost some hair doing just that, so it piqued my interest to learn more. So, the designers devised a strategy using an angled flame port to create a soft, stable flame that can be lit in any orientation, up, down, etc. And by adding a unique circular grip, the lighter can be manipulated in any direction. Keeping the lighter slim and compact is also a plus as it should fit nicely in any pocket.

The project to design and build this unique lighter kicked off in 2018 and thanks to over 7,000 hungry gear backers, by late 2020 the fledgling company had scored over $300,000 in start-up funds on Kickstarter – about $297,000 more than they requested. The lighter was launched in late 2020 and the patent-pending device has garnered it’s fair share of attention and critical acclaim. Since it’s inception, there’s been a couple of updates, most notably a notification to owners that  the lighter should not be lit for up to 8 hours post initial filling due to an o-ring fluctuation on the flame adjustment assembly that may allow butane leakage.

The new Dissim inverted lighters possess all the features we’re familiar with like flame adjust wheel, easy-access butane refill valve and fuel window, the latter of which some have reported difficulty in assessing an accurate level. Those who regularly like the lower-temp, soft flame should feel right at home and the whole package is backed by a lifetime warranty. While some were able to score early lighters during the start-up for as little as $24, the current soft flame version is $48. You can save a bit by bundling with a nifty carrying case for $10 more or bundle either 2 or 3 and pay $80 or $144, respectively. Since December, the company has launched the addition of a number of different colors.

As if taking its que from Zippo, Dissim has also thrown their hat into the torch ring by recently adding a dual torch version, which retails for $88. All the features of the soft flame are included, and the dual torch is reportedly windproof. The new model is available in any color you like as long as it’s black although more colors may be planned.

So, while Dissim’s new soft flame toy is a great fit for inverted applications like lighting candles and even pipes, I’m not sure of the level of appeal to cigar smokers, outside of using it an upright orientation. Even in an upright position, the manufacturer recommends not keeping the flame lit for more than 10 seconds, so toasting a foot with this new lighter could be a challenge; however, one reviewer pointed out that their actual experience with the lighter was good overall and that they frequently kept the flame lit past 30 seconds with nary an issue. The dual torch version may certainly appeal to fans of the technology, but I’m not sure how the inverted nature may be “better”, other than being just a new, cool piece of tech. – In Fumo Pax!

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