Current Status of 2021 Industry Conferences, Festivals & Shows

While the grasp of COVID-19 has lightened in parts of the US and the world, there is no shortage of concern in many global communities. Even as vaccinations continue to rise and herd immunity becomes more robust, many public and private organizations, companies and entities remain on the fence undecided as to how best to re-engage in day-to-day business. The global tobacco industry is certainly among those with varied opinions and concerns, depending on whom you ask. From farm to consumer, the ill effects of lock downs, while managed better by some, are not evenly felt across the industry continuum.

The cigar industry has certainly felt its share of pain points as producers struggle with transportation and brick-and-mortar retailers battle business hour curfews and capacity limitations, if they’re allowed to open at all. Most would agree that following the CDC’s guidelines, while also a pain point professionally and personally, is in the best interest of all. But, the opportunity for all members of the cigar industry chain to come together to do business becomes even more paramount in light of these and other suffocating limitations. Unfortunately, some of those opportunities are being snuffed out once again, but there is a glimmer of hope as others are either on schedule to host in-person events or taking a wait-and-see approach.

Below is a list of trade shows, festivals and conferences that have either elected to cancel their events, wait and see or stay the course.

Premium Cigar Association [PCA] | July 9-13 | Las Vegas, NV.

STATUS: Proceeding as scheduled

The former IPCPR trade show is arguably the most popular with many industry folks for it’s location (usually Las Vegas), the large diversity of exhibitors and attendees and of course a seemingly endless supply of business and networking opportunities. While PCA organizers insist this is happening, they are sensitive to uncertainties as changes in COVID-19’s course, and thus local/state restrictions, may become problematic. For more information, you can view the PCA trade show FAQs and/or visit there website.


STATUS: Cancelled

Late last week, The Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers (Procigar) announced it was cancelling the Procigar Festival 2021 due to challenges and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19. In December, Procigar organizers originally postponed the festival to February of 2021. The group is already looking to next year and is tentatively scheduling the next festival February 20-25, 2022. Visit their website for updates and more info.


STATUS: Cancelled

After setting record attendance in 2019, international InterTabac and its partner, InterSupply, announced they would be cancelling the 2021 show due to concerns over COVID-19. Originally slated for September 2021, feedback from the majority of its stakeholders suggested the best course would be to cancel the 2021 show, a difficult decision considering their 2020 show too was cancelled. Organizers have already announced a tentative date of September 15-17, 2022 in Dortmund. For updates and more info go their website.

Tobacco Plus Expo [TPE] | May 12-14 |Las Vegas, NV

STATUS: Proceeding as scheduled

Upon receiving final approval on their official Safety Plan from the State of Nevada, TPE announced in late March that it was moving forward with a live show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in May. It also helps that Nevada’s overall COVID-19 positivity rates and hospitalizations continue to fall. Based on information on their website, it appears TPE organizers have gone to great lengths to ensure a safe and engaging experience for all. The group has provided detailed safety measures and processes in place to ensure everyone’s safety and you can find more information on their website. You can also view some detailed FAQs in an article from their affiliate, Tobacco Business’ website as well.

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