It’s Back On: Big Smoke Meets Whisky Fest – October 30, 2021

In early 2020, if someone had told me that Big Smoke and Whisky Fest were pairing up for the first time ever and that it was happening in April, then postponed till October 2020 and ultimately cancelled due to a novel viral pandemic, I’d have said to them, ‘you’re smoking bathwater.’ Thankfully, the tease that never materialized is, at least for now, back on. The date may have changed, but the locale and venue remain the same. Details are still forthcoming, so be sure to sign up for updates on the official Big Smoke Whisky Fest page.

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For those living under a rock, your two favorite events are getting together to serve up the ultimate smorgasbord. Cigar Aficionado’s biannual Big Smoke events are wildly popular and offer far more than just sitting in a hotel bar puffing on stogeys. The 2-day event is jam packed with social events, seminars moderated by top industry professionals and cigar makers all while enjoying access to the most popular cigars, fine dining and libations. Whisky Advocate’s Whiskey Fest is structured similarly and is equally as popular. I’m sure many are scratching their heads wondering, “why didn’t they do this sooner?”

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The Fall, one-day showcase is taking place in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday, October 30. The venue is the popular Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and like originally planned, special event rates are expected to be pre-arranged. The busy schedule is stacked with activities while luminaries and industry icons from both worlds will be giving seminars and hanging out. Last year, organizers originally scheduled appearances by the likes of Fuente, Patel, Padrón, Carrillo and Gomez, and hopefully, they will carry over the opportunity to take home a goody bag stuffed with the top cigars of 2020.

Oh yeah, you can also choose from a dizzying array of whiskies and spirits (originally planned for over 100 in 2020) with which to enjoy those wonderful cigars. Christmas comes in October so be sure to check in from time to time on accommodations and ticket options. The official lists of cigars, whiskies and other spirits are still in process and will be announced soon, according to the website.

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Visit the official web page (link below) of the Big Smoke & Whisky Fest for complete information on events, accommodations and  tickets.- In Fumo Pax!

Big Smoke Meets Whisky Fest



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