Cigar Hustler Announces New Powstanie Limited Edition War Bear

Cigar Hustler’s Szczepankiewicz brothers announce their long-awaited follow-up to their popular Powstanie line – War Bear. War Bear, or Wojteck (pr. Voy-tek), is a tribute to the Syrian Brown Bear bought by the Polish II Corps during WWII after their evacuation from the Soviet Union. Wojyek was officially enlisted in the Polish Army and helped the troops by carrying ammunition boxes into battle, the most notable of which was the famous siege of Italy’s Monte Cassino.

Using the Polish flag as the backdrop for the band, the brand, Powstanie (pronounced poh-shtahn’-yeh) comes from the Polish word for “uprising” and is iconic of WWII era Polish resistance efforts. Launched in 2015 by Cigar Hustler entrepreneurs, Greg and Mike Szczepankewicz, the inaugural Habano (Mike’s cigar) and follow-up Broadleaf maduro (Greg’s cigar) got some blending assistance from none other than RoMa’s Skip Martin and Esteban Disla. The astute brothers also gathered feedback on various blends from their customer base before launching.

Powstanie War Bear

We started shipping [War Bear] to our retailers this week. We are releasing them in store today but we will not sell them online until next Friday. It’s important to us that we protect the retailers that support us and give them an opportunity to put them up first.”

– Mike Szczepankewicz

Only 500, 21-cigar count boxes (10,500 cigars total) of the limited edition War Bear will be produced and will only be offered to select B&M retail tobacconists initially, followed by online availability. The cigar will be shod with an Ecuadorian Habano leaf complemented by a San Andres barber pole. Binder tobacco is Indonesian cradling select filler leaves from Nicaragua. The cigar will only be offered in a 6″x52 Toro vitola and MSRP is expected to be $13. – In Fumo Pax!

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