El septimo Cigars Building Luxurious Accessory Portfolio

Most cigar companies offer a small selection of branded accessories, some of them very unique, but leave it to El Septimo Cigars to take it to the next level. Often described as the “Bentley” of cigars, the company had no intention of settling for the usual branded cutters and lighters, oh no. This high-end cigar maker wants to ensure you elevate your “seventh sense” by offering a full complement of luxurious smoking accessories which include unique branded items and custom pieces that can double as fine works of art. Just wait till you check out their humidor offerings. To pair with your luxurious smoking experience, El Septimo also offers personal items like luggage and unique whisky/ey glasses for your bar. And to satisfy the legions of El Septimo faithful, the breadth and selection of their accessories continues to grow.

Accessories At a Glance

Again, as evidenced through clever innovations like El Septimo’s puncher set and a slick throwback 1920’s era Dunhill lift arm double jet torch lighter, it’s clear the company is thinking practical, but also throwing in a cool factor. From classic art deco ashtrays and gold cutters to Gilgamesh themed cigar rests and vividly-colored multi stick travel humidors, there is an eclectic and wonderful mix of accoutrements to pair with your next 7th sense experience. While fashionable items like luggage and sunglasses are still in the design concept stage, arguably the flagship of their upper crust catalog is their Presidential Humidor collection.

The Presidential Humidor & Lighter Collection

When money is no object and you simply have to have the finest, El Septimo’s Presidential Collection just might fit the bill. Offering one of a kind humidors made with precious stones and metals and limited edition 18K Gold lighters, El Septimo is bringing the rain when it comes to rare, one-off luxury. These luxurious boxes hold up to 100 cigars and pricing for these works of art start at $3,500 for the Tiger Eye up to just a click over $5,000 for the Malachite. According to Zaya Younan, El Septimo’s head honcho and Chairman/CEO of Younan Collection, every aspect of the humidor’s construction was conceived and executed so that it would last for generations, making it an exceptional heirloom.

A unique masterpiece. That was the goal when El Septimo set out to produce a luxury, artisanal lighter fit for royalty. Crafted in 18K gold cradling rare jewels and hand-crafted by master jewelers, the lighters are built one by one with over 400 parts. The lighters are breathtaking and they’re presented in a sumptuous color coordinated, premium crocodile leather case. Pricing for these rare gems at the time of this writing will set you back about $25,000.

This [humidor] project has been years in the making of meticulous planning. Each component of these humidors has been hand-crafted, paying great attention to detail on every individual piece and component that makes up these humidors. If something was not perfect, we started from scratch. We wanted to be sure that each of these humidors not only functioned perfectly, but that they also lasted for generations and told a deeper story – afterall, what better investment than a treasure for you and your next generation to remember you by“?

Zaya Younan, Chairman & CEO of Younan Collection

If all these goodies aren’t your thing, don’t worry El Septimo has something for everyone. Personally, I see that lift arm double jet torch lighter in my future. If you’re just a ballcap and polo kind of person, well they have those too, even some cool Ogio backpacks. You can find El Septimo accessories here. – In Fumo Pax!

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