Alec Bradley To release trio of limited Megaburner lighters

In case you haven’t noticed, the simple task of making fire these days is becoming quite the art form. While purists will enthrall with their matches and spills, many cigar lovers prefer having their trusty lighter or torch at arms length. From the frugal Bics and Zippos to luxurious S.T. Duponts and Cartiers encrusted with precious metals and gems, lighters are typically a part of the experience. For what many consider mundane, for cigar smokers the lighter can be a conversation piece, an heirloom, a reflection of their personality and an intrinsic part of the culture.

The lighter has even evolved, big shocker here, to become a veritable objet d’art. Enter Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars and his friend and Colorado artist, Ralf Schuetz. In 2019, after 2 years of development, Alec Bradley Cigars launched the critically acclaimed Megaburner lighter, a monstrous 70mm x 107mm tank topped with a 48-port diffuser producing a “mushroom flame’. When filled, this flamethrower offers over 8 hours of burn time at 30% aperture opening. Now all we need is a holster.

Thinking the tank size could double as a nice canvas, the duo of Rubin and Schuetz set out to throw some designs around and they landed on 3 vibrant and colorful styles that feature a steampunk vibe, a tribute to the pin-up girls and Japanese dragon art. Details of the lighters are below:

  • Pin-Up Series, “Bomb Girl
  • Steampunk Series, “Octobot
  • Classic Ink Series, “Tatsu
  • Only 500 made of each
  • Packaged in luxurious presentation box
  • $150 MSRP
  • Will begin shipping to tobacconists in October 2020
From left to right: “Octobot”, “Tatsu”, “Bomb Girl”

About Alec Bradley Cigars
Founded by Alan Rubin in 1996, Alec Bradley has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading producers of fine, handmade premium cigars. Alec Bradley has received the cigar industry’s highest critical acclaim for its Prensado, Tempus, MAXX and Black Market premium cigars, to name a few. Their commitment to satisfying cigar enthusiasts worldwide is demonstrated by their passion for excellence, creativity and the highest quality standards.

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