Is YOUR state Legislature Protecting Cigars in 2020?


From the sandy beaches of Florida and Hawaii to the deserts of New Mexico and the Great  Lakes of Michigan there is lots of activity in various state legislatures to either protect our right to enjoy premium cigars or in some cases, outright threaten their very existence. Fortunately, the fine folks at Cigar Rights of America (CRA) have your back and are actively lobbying in support for or opposition to a number of House and Senate bills across our great nation.


If you reside in either Vermont or Hawaii, look out because there are active bills proposed to outright ban premium cigar sales in the state.  And if you call Kentucky or Maryland home, your state legislatures are proposing steep tax increases on premium cigars. Maryland is proposing a hike of over 70%! If you would like access to all the goings on in your state and across the country, stay up to date by visiting CRA’s news and info page on their official site.






Below is a list of recent proposals from just a few state legislatures sorted by either CRA’s support for or opposition to a particular bill:



  • Florida HM 1093 – Urges Congressional Delegation to support a premium cigar exemption
  • Hawaii SB 2101 – Calls for a $0.50 tax cap on premium cigars
  • Michigan SB 58 – Makes cigar tax cap permanent
  • New Hampshire SB 478 – Allows on-site food service in cigar shops




  • Florida SB 670 – Ban Smoking in public parks & beaches
  • Hawaii HB 2348 & SB 2904 – Proposes to ban premium cigar sales in the state
  • Hawaii HB 2507 – Proposes to increase the purchase age of cigars to 25
  • Kentucky SB 98 – Proposes to remove employment anti-discrimination provisions on cigar consumers
  • Kentucky HB 32 – Proposes to increase the rate of taxation on premium cigars from 15% to 27.5%
  • Maryland HB 732 & SB 3 – Calls for an increase in the rate of taxation on premium cigars from 15% to 86%
  • New Mexico SB 131 – Would ban customers from walking into humidors in premium cigar retail shops
  • Pennsylvania HB 2298 – Proposes to ban smoking at cigar shops and cigar bars
  • Vermont SB 288 – Proposes to ban premium cigar sales in the state



We’re not even 2 full months into 2020 and these states are already hard at work on various proposals that could stifle or enhance your enjoyment of cigars. The good news is CRA is working hard to ensure these rights are not infringed upon, but you too can contribute by getting involved. Check out CRA’s information on contacting your state government officials here. Visit CRA’s Legislative Action Center to stay up to date on the latest activities of your state legislators and learn how you can be a factor in ensuring your state, and the US, remain free of unnecessary and burdensome premium cigar regulations. – In Fumo Pax!

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