DYI Cigar Coffin Phone Stand


Ok, so I’ve been looking for a desktop phone stand for quite some time. You see, my desk can best be described as, well, busy. Approaching chaotic, but for now, just busy. I also employ 2 phones – one for work and another for personal use. Yeah okay, it’s my cross. Anyway, I’ve been looking for ways to de-clutter my desk and having two large phones lounging around isn’t helping.


I thought for sure I’d find something fairly quick: something unique, good utility  and maybe even a little flash. After a week of looking at overpriced, cookie-cutter options,  I gave up. I needed to move on to more important issues. Then one day my lovely wife came into my office clutching one of two discarded cigar coffins I’d given her. You see, my wife needs to organize like the rest of us need to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, so I tend to feed her need to sort, file and classify with cigar boxes and other paraphernalia.


The smug look on her face and self-congratulatory tone spoke volumes – she had an idea.  She holds up the coffin and exclaims, “How about using this cigar coffin as a phone stand.” I took it from her, stared at it and made the telltale face where you raise your eyebrows, invert your smile and push your front lip onto the bottom as if to say, ‘this could work.’


So, I turned one of my leftover Muestra De Saka coffins into a portable stand that holds both my phones (iPhone 6 and 8, in cases), or a combination of phone, lighter, cutter, tic-tacs, photo of grandma – you get the picture. It’s an inexpensive, time-friendly project that provides good utility and the bonus is that it’s cigar-themed! All you need is a few items and about 15-20 minutes.


You’ll need:

  • A cool cigar coffin that’s at least 5” long and 1” wide
  • The coffin cover (optional)
  • Quality wood glue
  • A small piece of wood quarter round
  • 3 regular sized rubber bands





  1. Cut the quarter round to the coffin length (this keeps the assembly from tipping over when loaded).
  2. *Optional – Glue the coffin cover to the front of the coffin for decoration (wipe off excess glue quickly or it will stain the wood)
  3. Glue the cut piece of quarter round to the rear of the coffin, so that the bottom flat surface of each are even (wipe off excess glue).
  4. Using 3 rubber bands, wrap the entire assembly twice with each rubber band. Add a band in the middle first then wrap each end. Splay the bands out in an “X” pattern to provide a wider area of pressure.
  5. Allow all glued components to dry overnight
  6. *Optional – stain quarter round to match coffin
  7. Load it up!





The coffin phone stand accommodates both my phones and they’re both encased in thick Otterbox Defender cases. The value goes beyond just getting some much needed desktop real estate back. The fact they’re upright allows me to easily view incoming notifications and when I jump on conference calls, I can effortlessly maneuver my headphones and punch in numbers and codes.  And yes, you can charge them while in the stand, you’ll just need to flip them upside down.





If you’re in need of a little more elbow room or just want a cool bedside buddy to get a better view of your “Nightstand” app.,  this DIY project is better than anything you’ll find online. The fact that its also cigar themed is just the cherry on top. Thanks, Honey! – In Fumo Pax!

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