After Extended Wait AJ Fernandez to launch Días de Gloria at IPCPR


After a particularly long interlude, AJ Fernandez plans to reveal what many of us have been waiting for since late 2016: Días de Gloria. The name translates to “glory days”, a time before the Cuban Revolution when Fernandez believes pre-Castro Cuban cigars were at their pinnacle and Días de Gloria was conceived to toast those bygone halcyon days. Unfortunately, there is no Cuban tobacco in Días de Gloria so Fernandez focused on a cigar featuring well-aged tobacco.


JF Dias de Gloria.133

© AJ Fernandez Cigar Co.


While it has not been confirmed, some of the tobaccos used are reportedly aged 7 years and were harvested from four of Fernandez’s oldest farms in Nicaragua. Días de Gloria was originally announced in the Fall of 2016 and even hit some shelves in early 2017 only to be unceremoniously yanked shortly thereafter. Fernandez explains the move was more out of a change in prioritizing his releases, but there are reports that like so many new lines, brands and blends threatened by the FDA’s crippling Deeming rules in late 2016, Fernandez too was just trying to get them under the wire before the deadline.


JF Dias de Gloria.134

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Días de Gloria is produced at Fernandez’s Nicaraguan-based factory and will be featured in 4 vitolas, packed in 20-count boxes. Sizes include:

– Robusto (5.5″x52)
– Gordo (6″x58)
– Toro (6″x56)
– Short Churchill (6.5″x48)



AJF DDG cigar

© AJ Fernandez Cigar Co.



While the cats been out of the bag for the better part of couple of months, Fernandez plans to use the 2019 IPCPR trade show, kicking off later this week in Las Vegas, as the platform with which to launch the much anticipated return of Días de Gloria. MSRP for the cigars will reportedly be in the range of $9 – $12. – In Fumo Pax!

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