RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine Cranium


Mike, Skip and the gang at RoMa Craft have got one helluva following. Don’t believe me? Well, you can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a post featuring a RoMa product on just about any social media outlet so, it would appear RoMa Craft sticks are a bit popular (sarcasm). They’re rockin’ folks, especially with their Texan brothers and sisters! From their simple logo, primitive caveman shtick and cave painting-embossed labels, to the respectable price point and lots of satisfied customers, RoMa is one of the few boutiques carving into the go-to market share of veteran big-brands like Drew Estate. RoMa’s CroMagnon is a fan favorite and so far is the only RoMa blend, in 2016, to garner Top 25 honors on Cigar Aficionado‘s Cigar of the Year.




Given the successful CroMagnon lineage, we decided to shake down the Aquitaine, a few ticks up on the body and strength scale. Our Aquitaine, from its oily, whiskey-colored wrapper and tight build to its invisible seams just looks flawless. Even it’s goofy looking cap couldn’t sully our admiration. Semi veiny and a little lumpy, the wrapper’s enticing aromas are fragrant leaning towards perfume and notes of wet grass. The draw is superb with a V-cut and lots of chocolate, nougat and earth abound from the foot and cold draw. The ligero habano wrapper should tip you off for whats coming.


Rich and robust, the Aquitaine commands your attention with spicy profiles of leather, chocolate, earth and black pepper. Note: Would pair very well with a bourbon-based Old Fashioned. Featuring zesty, long finishes, smoky retros and copious amounts of smoke, Aquitaine fires on all cylinders as combustion and complexity is excellent throughout the first couple of transitions; however, even with a laundry list of great attributes, unfortunately, the balance wanes badly before the last transition which makes the heavy earth and wood profile ass-leveling strong and somewhat one-dimensional. Fair warning, this is a strong cigar so you better scarf down half a goat before ignition. Even so, Aquitaine is a smooth, pleasurable smoke and is worth keeping  at least a fiver around. –  In Fumo Pax!



Did you Know: The Name “RoMa” is derived from the first two letters of the surnames of both founders, Mike Rosales and Skip Martin.


 RoMa Craft





  • Profile: Full
  • Vitola: Cranium [Gran Toro]
  • Length/ Ring Gauge: 6.0″ / 54
  • Purchased: B&M
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero
  • Binder: Cameroon
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Cutter: Colibri V
  • Lighter: Xikar Exec. II
  • Price: $9.50
  • Age: 5 months
  • Box: 24
  • Other Vitolas: Anthropology [double corona], EMH [robusto], Knuckle Dragger [petite robusto], Mandible [petite gordo], Mode 5 [short perfecto]











BuildExcellent; Nice firmness; nice heft; tight ash for first two thirds.
Draw: Superb

  • Wrapper – Fragrant; perfume; wet grass
  • Foot – Chocolate; nougat
  • Cold Draw – Very chocolatey; earth


  • Initial: Leather, chocolate, earth and black pepper; spicy; toasy/nutty finish; smoky, cedar tang on retro; baked bread and caramel on draw.
  • Transition: Herbs, earth, wood, spice; espresso notes on finish; nougat on inhale.
  • Transition: Heavy earth and wood profile with coffee finish.

ComplexityVery good through first two transitions.
BalanceExcellent through first two transitions then fades quickly.
Touch ups: None
Combustion: Excellent; burns cool and slow, but uneven at times.
Weaknesses: Deteriorating balance in last third.
Recommend: 2. 5-packer


Recommendation scale:

  1. Go-to (boxworthy)
  2. 5-packer
  3. 3rd stringer (keep 1 on hand)
  4. Smoke a banana instead

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