Felix Assouline Cigars to unveil new EGO White at IPCPR


The fine folks at Felix Assouline Cigars have been busy creating hyper classified blends and they swore me to secrecy or face the wrath of Dean Assouline himself and the dreaded double secret probation. But since the buzz has unofficially commenced on social media,  FAC gave me the thumbs up to release the hounds on the much-anticipated Ego White and that it will be officially unveiled at this year’s IPCPR later this month in Lost Wages, Nevada. Following on the heels of the Ego Red and Ego Black, the Ego White is the third in Assouline’s critically acclaimed Ego series.






While some of the blend details are as confidential as Dolly Parton’s bra size , FAC threw me a bone on some of the skinny. Cloaking an Indonesian binder around Nicaraguan long filler, the White will feature a sultry Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 wrapper grown at Assouline’s Omega Tobacco. It’s no secret Felix is one of the few blenders able to not only work with Indonesian leaf but is also able to conjure an amazing palette of flavors and complexity from it that complements his fillers and wrapper. I’ve been informed this will be a limited edition smoke dictated by aging, a finite supply of special tobacco leaf and an arduous production process. Ego White has officially been released in limited numbers so grab ’em while you can folks because they will only be released a few times a year and you may only see them every other year according to FAC. FAC will also be releasing limited box pressed versions during the holidays. Suggested retail pricing is expected to be in the range of $12 to $16 per stick depending on vitola. All vitolas available will be packaged in 24-count custom boxes.





  • Magic – 5.5″ X 54 Petite Corona $12
  • Divine – 6.5″ X 44 Corona Mediano $14
  • Hex – 6.5″ X 54 Toro Gordito $15
  • Tabu – 6.5″ X 56 Belicoso $16



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